Boris Johnson among top Tories savaged in book by PM’s former deputy

Boris Johnson and several top Tories have been savaged in a waspish memoir by the prime minister’s former deputy.

Sir Alan Duncan, who was Mr Johnson’s number two when he was foreign secretary, calls the current prime minister an "embarrassing buffoon".

But he is also scathing about many senior Conservative government ministers, including former prime ministers David Cameron and Theresa May.

Sir Alan, who quit as an MP in 2019 after 27 years in the Commons, unleashes his barbs in his diaries entitled The Thick Of It, which is being serialised in the Daily Mail.

As well as describing Mr Johnson as a "clown", he claims they had a row over a report about diplomats treating him as an "international joke".

When Mr Johnson is said to have asked, "Why don’t they take me seriously?", Sir Alan claims he replied: "Look in the ****ing mirror!"

In the diaries, Sir Alan says Home Secretary Priti Patel is "a nothing person, a complete and utter nightmare".

He claims the late Sir Anthony King of Essex University had called an unnamed politician who studied there as having been "abysmal beyond measure" as a student.

"The press named John Bercow, but it was in fact Priti Patel," says Sir Alan.

Theresa May is described as "a frightened rabbit, a cardboard cut-out", while Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove is called a "whacky weirdo".

David Cameron is "too glib", Labour’s Emily Thornberry a "graceless frump", and former defence minister Tobias Ellwood a "childish twit".

But the harshest criticism is reserved for Mr Johnson. Sir Alan accuses him of "blatant self-serving ambition" and claims he knew none of the details on Brexit.

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He had a "self-deluding mock-romantic passion", Sir Alan writes, and is a "shameless clot" and an "international stain on our reputation".

Sir Alan claims that while publicly supporting Mrs May, Mr Johnson privately "despised" her and was "only right behind her so as to push her off a cliff".

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