Albino wallaby baby will have guests bouncing in excitement as zoo opens after lockdown

A rare albino wallaby baby has put a spring in the step of zookeepers ahead of the park’s reopening on Monday.

Staff at Yorkshire Wildlife Park expect guests will be jumping with joy at sight of the adorable marsupial.

With the easing of lockdown, guests will be able to see the animals at the zoo for the first time in months.

The albino joey was born at some point over the closure of the park, and is thought to be the first of its type at the location.

Visitors will have to be eagle-eyed to see how the baby is doing however, as young marsupials spend a lot of time in their mother’s pouch.

Because of this, the sex of the joey is not known, and neither is its exact date of birth.

Chief executive of the park, John Minion, said that social distancing should not be an issue at the 175 acre location, with its 5km of paths.

As well as the white joey, visitors to Yorkshire Wildlife Park will be treated to a new exhibit based on the wildlife of a disappearing forest in South America.

Instead of the Amazon, the new Atlantic Forest display features newly arrived lowland tapirs, maned wolves and a pack of bush dogs.

The Atlantic Forest covers the southern coastal areas of Brazil, and stretches inland to north-eastern Argentina and eastern Paraguay.

Only 7% of the original forest remains.

"We are delighted how the new animals are settling in," said animal manager Rick Newton.

"It is fascinating to have three very different species as part of the new reserve, and I am sure that visitors will be excited to see them.

"The bush dogs are particularly active and inquisitive, I am sure they will become big favourites here."

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