Prince Philip: William and Harry united in their respect for their Grandpa, the Duke of Edinburgh

They are two brothers who in recent years appear to have drifted apart, but both Prince William and Prince Harry are very clearly united in the respect they felt for their Grandpa.

There was always going to be interest in what they both had to say.

Yes we wanted to know how they remember their grandfather, a man who supported them when their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died.

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But also because of the interest in the brother’s relationship since Harry and Meghan decided to step away from royal life, and do that interview with Oprah.

Both tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh are the epitome of admiration and love, even if you could say they read differently.

Harry’s is possibly more easy going, with his description of the duke as "my Grandpa: master of the barbecue, legend of banter, and cheeky right ’til the end.

"He has been a rock for Her Majesty The Queen with unparalleled devotion, by her side for 73 years of marriage, and while I could go on, I know that right now he would say to all of us, beer in hand, ‘Oh do get on with it!’"

And William’s may appear more formal:

"My grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation. Catherine and I will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support The Queen in the years ahead.

"I will miss my Grandpa, but I know he would want us to get on with the job."

But like his brother he does allude to his grandfather’s sense of fun, adding: "I will never take for granted the special memories my children will always have of their great-grandpa coming to collect them in his carriage and seeing for themselves his infectious sense of adventure as well as his mischievous sense of humour!"

The differences in tone aren’t surprising when you consider the public personalities of the two men.

And also when you think about the new life Harry is now leading away from the royal fold and the future role that William will have to fulfil as king.

Even before Harry stepped away, they would do things their own way and the expectations on them were very different.

What shines through in both is their respect for their grandfather’s service, what he achieved and most importantly his unwavering commitment to the Queen.

Those are things the family want us to focus on.

They may have had their recent differences, now they are together to mourn and share their loss.

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