Prince Philip’s funeral: Duke of Edinburgh’s ‘no fuss’ service was ‘how he would have liked it’, says Mike Tindall

Prince Philip’s reduced-size funeral was "how he would have liked it", his grandson-in-law Mike Tindall has said.

Only 30 guests were allowed to attend the service at St George’s chapel, Windsor due to coronavirus restrictions.

But Tindall said, despite the difficulties of grief, it was the "perfect" way to say goodbye to the duke.

"Look it’s been a difficult 10 days, and I look back on the day (and) I think as eerie as it was, with no crowds and the social distancing and the way everything was, I think it was the perfect day – how he would have liked it – if that makes any sense whatsoever," the ex-sportsman told his podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

"No fuss, get on with it."

He added that his admiration of the Queen increased after seeing her "lead by example" by sitting alone due to social distancing rules.

"My love for the Queen was even better, she was sat there completely on her own," he said.

"Separated herself in terms of, ‘this is what the world is right now, and I’m going to lead by example’ and she’s amazing, literally amazing."

The Duke of Edinburgh‘s funeral had been years in the planning, with Philip insistent that he did not want a state funeral.

Originally around 800 guests had been earmarked for the event, but lockdown restrictions meant the list had to be confined to 30.

The duke’s coffin arrived in a bespoke Land Rover of his own design, draped with his personal standard and his cap, whip and brown gloves on top.

He also asked for a pot containing sugar lumps – that he would often feed to the Queen’s ponies – to be placed on his coffin.

Tindall said his personal touches were "eerie moments for the family" and "there were a lot of things that brought home memories".

But he added: "It was a sad day but, you know, I think it was very well run and he was very well looked after and hopefully he’s looking down now and is happy with the day."

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