The Spy Who Hired Me: MI6 chief posts job advert for real life ‘Q’

MI6 is looking for a new "Q" to be the intelligence agency’s technology mastermind, Britain’s spy chief says.

Richard Moore, the head of MI6, tweeted: "We’re looking for a new ‘Q’. If you want to serve your country by helping MI6 to develop the operational technology of the future, please take a look."

Q is the gadget guru in the James Bond films – but the intelligence agency has adopted the name.

In the Bond films, Q has kitted 007 out with a host of gadgets, from cars with ejector seats to an exploding pen.

While the real job may not involve kitting out Aston Martins, designing flame throwers or watches with lasers, the job advert states the new recruit will oversee teams developing tech for operations against the UK’s "hardest adversaries".

"You are Q," the advert says.

"More formally, you are Director General Q, one of the deputies to the Chief of MI6 (C).

"MI6 needs to be at the cutting-edge of technology in order to stay ahead. As Q you are responsible for the teams who create and adopt technologies to enable our mission against the UK’s hardest adversaries.

"You turn disruptive technologies from threats to our operations into opportunities, putting MI6 at the leading edge of digital innovation."

The advert says "discretion" is essential and warns that the successful candidate will "not be publicly avowed".

Q has been played by Desmond Llewlyn, Ben Whishaw, Geoffrey Bayldon and John Cleese in the Bond films, but in 2017 it was disclosed that the real job was held by a woman.

Mr Moore tweeted the job advert out as part of a recent recruitment drive on his account.

In 2020, he said he would try and persuade some of his Twitter followers to work for MI6.

The closing date to apply to be the new Q is 26 May.

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