COVID-19: Last two rounds of Premier League fixtures only open to home fans

Only home fans will be able to attend the final rounds of Premier League fixtures, the league has announced – pending confirmation of the next step in the government’s COVID roadmap.

Up to 10,000 fans will be allowed into matches in round 37 on 18 and 19 May, and in round 38 on 23 May.

However, a decision has now been taken to limit this to home spectators.

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"Following consultation with clubs, it was agreed matches would not be open to away supporters due to varying operational challenges across the league and the need to deliver a consistent approach, while maximising the opportunity for home-fan attendance," a league statement read.

"The safety and security of supporters is of paramount importance. Clubs have a proven track record of providing COVID-safe environments and have operational plans in place ready to safely welcome supporters back to their stadiums."

Last week, the league confirmed that fixtures have been rescheduled to provide an opportunity for each club to host one home game with supporters before the end of the season.

Match Round 37 will now during the midweek with the final matches of the season kicking off at 4pm on 23 May, as planned.

Last month, thousands of fans returned to Wembley Stadium during the FA Cup semi-final as part of a coronavirus trial.

The tie between Leicester City and Southampton, 4,000 supporters were allowed in the stands – some 6% of Wembley’s 90,000 capacity.

On the same day, the spectators were allowed to watch the World Snooker Championship and two gigs were held in Liverpool.

And on 1 May, clubbers returned to the dance floor as part of a pilot event in Liverpool.

Some 6,000 people attended the First Dance event, which was held across two nights at the city’s warehouse nightclub Circus.

On 15 May – two days before the government is due to ease lockdown further – the FA Cup final at Wembley will take place with 21,000 fans.

Anyone who attends any of the trial events will have to prove they have had a negative lateral flow test (LFT) result in the past 36 hours.

They will also have to take a laboratory PCR test five days afterwards.

All participants will have consented to taking part in the government’s research programme, and Test and Trace data will be shared with local authorities to detect any outbreaks following the events.

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