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New Blackburn Tory councillor Tiger Patel says unwitting X-rated campaign video vital for election win

A politician whose campaign video went viral because it showed him standing behind an X-rated drawing whilst giving peace signs in a run-down park, has won his seat in the local elections. 

Tiger Patel, whose real name is Altaf, stood for the Conservatives in Blackburn.

Speaking to Sky News, he said the video played a vital role in his victory.

He said: "I did get a lot of abuse for it, people would leave bad comments, swearing or give me the middle finger, but I just ignored it.

"80% of the people liked the video and 20% didn’t, but I got elected."

The video, which was shared before the election, shows Mr Patel walking around a local children’s playground, displaying the damage that has been caused and its dilapidated state.

There is music playing from Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s election campaign, with the words "change is here".

At one point in the clip, which has been viewed millions of times on Twitter, the politician stands at the top of a slide with his arms raised showing peace signs – unaware he is standing behind an X-rated bit of graffiti.

Mr Patel, who says he has been described as "the BoJo of Blackburn", beat the Labour incumbent candidate in Audley and Queen’s Park ward by 1,209 votes to 1,096.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Patel added: "I’m feeling very happy, this victory is for the people, for the community, it is not my victory.

"There are so many issues in my ward and people want change, now they will get it."

It was canvassing on the streets of Blackburn and meeting with residents which led Mr Patel to create the "low budget and different" video.

He said: "Two ladies came up to me when I was campaigning on the estate and told me about the park, that it was run down and their children had nowhere safe to play.

"I was thinking ‘how does Blackburn council not have the money to fix this for kids?’

"In my mind I thought about the video, I made it and now it is viral. This is all for the community people."

The leader of Blackburn Conservatives, Julian Arnold, told Sky News: "People may have laughed and they’re laughing at the other side of the faces now.

"We’re not going to hide from it. It’s low budget, it’s different, but crikey does it work!

"You’ll not believe how it’s kept people in touch and what we’re about and what Tiger is doing in the community."

Mr Patel said he will continue to make videos as he helps the community who voted for him.



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