Edinburgh Zoo welcomes nine penguin chicks – and you can watch them 24/7

Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the arrival of nine penguin chicks – and animal lovers have the chance to watch their development from the comfort of their homes.

The zoo, which has a "penguin cam" for people to view the new arrivals, is keeping a close eye on the gentoo penguins as their first month is critical.

The first two eggs hatched last Saturday to parents Muffin and Mittens and it is hoped more chicks will emerge in the coming weeks.

Gentoo chicks weigh around 98g when they hatch, which is equivalent to half an avocado.

With flamboyant red-orange beaks and white-feather caps, they populate the Antarctic Peninsula and islands around the frozen continent, according to National Geographic.

They are the penguin world’s third largest members, reaching a height of 30 inches and a weight of 12 pounds.

Gentoo parents often form long-lasting bonds and are highly nurturing. At breeding time, both parents will work to build a circular nest of stones, grass, moss and feathers.

The mother then deposits two eggs which both parents take turns incubating for more than a month.

Edinburgh Zoo is home to more than 100 penguins from three species – king, northern rockhopper and gentoo.

The zoo’s penguin cam has a view over the gentoo nesting rings and can be watched 24 hours a day on edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/penguin-cam.

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