COVID-19: Prince William gets first coronavirus vaccine dose

Prince William has received his first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, and thanked those involved in the UK’s rollout "for everything you’ve done and continue to do".

The Duke of Cambridge shared an image on Twitter this morning of the moment he received the jab yesterday.

William, who is 38 and the second in-line to the throne, has received his first dose after the UK-wide vaccine rollout was expanded to people in their 30s last week.

It is not clear whether his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, who is 39, has received her first vaccine dose yet.

Live COVID updates from the UK and around the world

William’s grandmother The Queen and his late grandfather Prince Philip received their first doses in January.

The UK’s vaccine roll-out has been extended for the second time this week as people aged 34 and 35 in England will now be offered a jab.

NHS England has confirmed the million-plus people aged 34 and 35 will receive a text message on 20 May or 21 May asking them to book their COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

People in their early thirties could get the chance to be vaccinated "over the next few days and week", NHS England said.

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