Euro 2020: TikToker J2hundred films himself ‘sneaking’ into Wembley for England v Italy final

A teen TikToker filmed himself "sneaking" into Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy after discovering a "gap" in an emergency exit door.

The online personality, J2hundred, posted the video showing his journey through London and eventually into the stadium as the match went into extra time.

Starting off his video, the 19-year-old, who has 1.3 million followers on TikTok, says he originally intended to film a vlog of him going into the city to watch the game but adds "little did I know that I was going to sneak into Wembley Stadium".

He arrives at St Pancras International station and shows fans and officers on the streets in the build-up to the match saying "the police are squadded up" before he and his friend arrive at the stadium.

The teen then approaches a steward and asks "how much to let me in?" – to which the steward refuses to answer and replies "I like my job".

The pair find some fencing covered in Euro official banners which they manage to push apart and climb through to gain access to the outer part of the stadium.

Two other boys are seen pulling open what seems to be an emergency exit door and J2hundred says: "It was a sign from God, we were meant to be in that stadium, there was just a gap in the door".

At least two more men are shown to be helping prise open the door.

The group manage to push themselves through a small gap and J2hundred is shown running up multiple flights of stairs until he reaches an entrance to the stands, with a sign in the background suggesting he was entering rows 15 to 44 and seats 350 to 363.

He sits on the stairs between rows of seats as extra time is being played and says: "We’ve done a madness, we have done an absolute madness".

As the game enters penalties, he and his friend comment on Marcus Rashford’s missed shot, celebrate Jordan Pickford’s save against Italy’s Jorginho and after Bukayo Saka misses the final penalty of the night, J2hundred says: "Look at the disappointment in our faces, we did all of that just to watch England lose".

60,000 fans were allowed in the stadium for the England vs Italy match on Sunday – which ultimately saw Italy take home the win.

Tickets for the Euro 2020 final were being sold for up to £15,000 on reselling websites in the days before the game and the UEFA official site had been selling them for around £808 throughout the tournament.

UEFA announced on Tuesday that it is launching an investigation into events involving supporters inside and around Wembley Stadium during the final.

An FA spokesperson said "We strongly condemn the behaviour of a group of people that forced their way into Wembley Stadium before the EURO 2020 Final. This is entirely unacceptable.

"These people are an embarrassment to the England team and to all of the true fans who wanted to enjoy one of the most important matches in our history.

"We will work with the relevant authorities to take action against anyone who is identified to have illegally forced their way into the stadium."

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