Harry Maguire’s dad ‘shook up’ after suffering suspected broken ribs in Wembley ‘stampede’

England defender Harry Maguire has said his father suffered suspected broken ribs after getting caught up in the "stampede" before Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

Maguire, who scored during the penalty shootout, said his dad was "scared" as he made his way into the game, which England lost to Italy.

"It shook him up," Maguire said, adding that his father was "struggling with his breathing and his ribs" after the match at Wembley.

Alan Maguire, 56, was "involved in the stampede" and "did suffer a couple of injuries", Maguire told The Sun.

UEFA has launched an investigation after ticketless fans breached stadium security.

The Manchester United captain said he was glad his children did not go to the match because his father has "normally got one of them on his shoulders".

He said he was "thankful" that was not the case on Sunday because it "could have been a really serious moment".

The trouble happened near the friends and family block and turnstile, the player said.

After getting in, some of those there to see a loved one play found people already sat in their seats, he added.

His father and his agent "suffered the most" and the episode was "scary and disappointing".

Alan Maguire did not seek medical attention because he is "not one to make a big fuss" and "got on with it" despite "struggling with his ribs", his son said.

Reflecting on the incident, Maguire said he did not want "anyone to experience that going to watch the football, especially a major final".

"I hope we can look back and just make sure it doesn’t happen again," he added.

The "experience of Wembley is always amazing" and it is an "amazing stadium filled with amazing people and great fans, normally", the defender said.

On Sunday, however, "the way some people did act was totally wrong" and "we need to learn from it", he added.

"You want it to be an amazing experience and you don’t want anyone to have any bad memories of a final."

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