UK weather: The latest Sky News forecast

The rest of the the weekend will be fine for most, but it will become more unsettled into next week.

Many places will be fine this evening, but northern Scotland will see some increasingly light and patchy rain.

There will be the odd light shower elsewhere.

Most places will be dry overnight, with rain in the North East largely dying out and showers elsewhere mostly fading inland, but the southwest of Ireland will turn wet.

Cornwall may see some patchy outbreaks later.

It will be fairly mild for most, cool in the countryside.

Sunday morning will be mainly dry with sunny spells, but there will be a few light showers around, and some more general rain moving across the south of Ireland and into the far southwest of Britain.

It will be cooler in the South West and near North Sea coasts.

Rain will take over more of southwest Britain during the afternoon, especially South Wales, while the south of Ireland should slowly dry up.

There will be little change elsewhere, although what showers there are will become largely confined to northern Britain later.

The south of Ireland, Wales and western and central England will be cloudy with showery rain on Monday, some heavy, but it will be mostly dry and reasonably sunny elsewhere.

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