COVID-19 UK daily tracker: What is the state of the pandemic near you?

The UK faces another potential surge in COVID-19 infections this winter.

To monitor the severity of the pandemic, the government is keeping a close eye on case rates, hospital admissions and vaccinations.

Here’s an overview of the data.

Which areas have the highest infection rates?

The UK continues to report thousands of new daily infections, but the trends differ across nations.

The picture also varies widely across different parts of the UK. Check the map below to see the case rates in your local area.

But vaccines are weakening the link between cases, hospitalisations and deaths, which means that these numbers are less concerning than during previous waves.

How is the NHS coping?

The government has stated that a key priority is ensuring that the NHS is not overwhelmed.

As the link has not been completely broken between infections and hospitalisations, there is still a risk that this could happen.

Since the start of July, a growing proportion of hospital beds have been taken up by COVID-19 patients.

With a backlog of patients waiting for routine treatments and increasing COVID-19 admissions, many parts of England are operating at close to capacity.

How quickly are people getting vaccinated?

The vaccination programme is critical for reducing pressure on the health system.

The pace of rollout varies across the country. Wales currently has the highest proportion of double-jabbed adults.

Do people feel comfortable socialising?

Another important driver of infection rates is people’s behaviour.

Surveys show that the vaccine rollout and the lifting of coronavirus restrictions have altered the average number of daily face-to-face contacts.

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