Couple call police after finding 5ft snake in their bedroom in Dudley

A couple found themselves in a slippery situation this week after they spotted a five-foot snake in their bedroom.

The terrified pair, who live in Quarry Bank, Dudley, called the police and explained they had no idea where it came from – but said they had a big item delivered the day before.

West Midlands Police said three student officers attended the address and were directed to a front bedroom which the couple had managed to close the door to keep the snake inside.

The couple said they were not sure if the snake had been hiding in the box or if had slithered in through a pipe.

After a long search, it was located on top of a cabinet wrapped around a vanity mirror.

The officers used batons to carefully lift the yellow snake.

It was placed in a shoe box with holes in before officers contacted Manor Vets, Halesowen, who took the snake in overnight until the RSPCA were able to attend.

A vet informed the officers that it was a female python of a mature age.

The snake had a few lumps and old injuries, but was very friendly and was generally otherwise in good health, police said.

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