Ways To Listen

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You can listen to Massive Hits on your desktop computer, internet radio, mobile device (laptop, mobile or tablet) and smart device (speaker and television).

You can listen through the Tune In on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet, by simply clicking the Listen Live button at the top of ever page on our website.

Smart Speaker
If you have a smart speaker, you can ask it to ‘Play the radio station Massive Hits on TuneIn’.

Smart Television
If you have a smart television, you can search for Massive Hits through the RadioLine or TuneIn app.

Internet Radio
If you have an internet radio, you can search for Massive Hits under the menu ‘Local UK’ and then ‘All Stations’. Just don’t forget to store us in one of your presets, or add us to your favourites!

Alternatively, add us manually using the link ‘http://www.massivehits.com/listen.

Other Ways to Listen
You can also listen through these directories:

Live Radio UK
Radio Line
Tune In
V Tuner

To listen via your television, you will require an internet connected Smart TV or a 3rd party device such as an Amazon Fire Stick or Google ChromeCast that support apps such as TuneIn.

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